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3 Techniques to Maintain that Zing in Your Step

zing-in-your-stepWe’re the funniest people in the room… At least we should be! But as we constantly give the gift of laughter to others, it is possible for our own humor tank to run dry.

While we are busy performing at the daycares, libraries, Vacation Bible Schools, birthday parties and hospitals, how do we keep our own humor tank filled? It’s important to care ourselves so we do a good job lifting the spirits of our audience members. [click to continue…]

Pick Me! Pick Me! How to Select Great Volunteers

Volunteer Hands

Choosing the right volunteer to have as an assistant or helper on stage is critical to the success of the performance. The right child on stage can make a show, the wrong one can leave you wishing you had stayed home.

Here are a few ideas that help insure you get just the right person so your presentation goes well.

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No Magic, No Balloons, No Face Paint, Oh My!

Light Brite

Here’s a controversial statement: Not every show we do should revolve around balloon art, face painting and magic. Too many times we, as clowns, put too much stock into the “old stand bys”. The result, many performers have shows that look a lot like those of other entertainers in their market. Yes, I know a lot of time and money has gone into face paints, balloons and magic props, however, I think that in order to be competitive in today ‘s market you must be more than a [click to continue…]

Answering Machine Fun

Answering Machine

Almost everyone uses an answering machine or service. Consider adding a little humor to your message. For example, “If I am unable to answer the phone it is because I am [click to continue…]